About us

Technology consultants and innovation specialists based in Launceston, Tasmania.

We're a multidisciplinary team of creative and IT professionals with a passion for pushing boundaries and helping people make the most of technology.

The work we do includes a focus on groundbreaking projects, consulting local businesses in modern tech solutions, and nurturing young talent in our educational outreach initiatives.

We're based in the beautiful Tasmanian city of Launceston, a humble hive of entrepreneurial activity. Take a look at the work we do, and drop us a hello!

What we do

Technology is meant to benefit people. We want to help you make the most of it. Here's how we do it:


We love coming up with new and interesting ways to use technology. The projects we take on push boundaries to solve real, human problems.



Looking to make the most of technology in your business? Our team of consultants are here to help you get up to speed with digital marketing, systems, and trends.


We run school outreach and holiday programs to help the next generation of innovators wrap their heads around creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Our story

Linking people with technology.

Bitlink began when James, Troy, Bruce and Ben met through the Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Tasmania.  At the time, James was teaching augmented reality, virtual reality, interface design and video game design; Troy was studying his masters and building a mixed reality application for physiotherapists; Bruce was working as a programmer and developing an data visualisation tool for visualising information from environmental sensors and Ben was studying visual design and working on a comic book for children with high functioning autism.

Over time, we realised that we all had something in common: we each wanted to build technology that was beautiful, compelling, easy to use and that made the world a better place.  We wanted to connect people with technology in a way that the technology was almost invisible and the experience is what people focused on.

With this goal in mind we started Bitlink, a new software development company that would focus on building tools where the technology would get out of the way and let the user's experience take priority.

Collaborators, not clients.

One of the things we learned at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory was to love working in multidisciplinary teams in which every member of the team has the power to influence the outcomes of a project.  We've learned that this is the only way to really achieve greatness in technology design; it is only when domain experts work closely with technology experts that truly exceptional outcomes can be achieved.

With this in mind, we focus on working on multidisciplinary projects, where we can work closely with domain experts from different disciplines and build something exceptional together.  We love working with academics, educators, medical professionals, architects, government departments or anyone that has a complex or interesting problem that they want to solve.

We don't really consider ourselves to have clients, but rather, we have collaborators.  It is only by working together that we are able to achieve the best outcomes for everybody.

Investing in the next generation.

For better or worse, we've decided to start a technology company in Launceston, Tasmania – a relatively small city which has not traditionally been known as a hot-bed of high-tech activity. Nonetheless, we think that Tasmania has a bright future and we want to be a part of making that future come to fruition.

To this end, we have made education and supporting the next generation of innovators, designers, programmers and entrepreneurs part of our core business at Bitlink.  We have developed a number of educational programs and workshops that we regularly run all over Tasmania, as well as founding, spearheading and supporting a number of community-based initiatives that provide opportunities for young people to be exposed to technology careers and learn from industry mentors.

We believe that companies like ours have a responsibility to support the next generation, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Work with us.

If you think we're the sort of company that you might like to work with, then we would love to hear from you.  Whether you would like to work with us on a big, ambitious development project, you'd like some help from our consulting team, or you'd like us to run an educational workshop in your area, we're here to help.

Just get in touch via our contact page.  We'd love to meet you.