Troy Merritt

Troy is a project manager for Bitlink, with a passion for technology and the way that people interact with it. Troy makes sure that the promises that James makes can be delivered.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts at Murdoch University in 2002, specialising in film and radio studies, Troy spent 9 years working in Melbourne as a home automation integrator and audio visual designer. During this time, he formed an interest in interface design and understanding the way that people engage with technology.

As a result of this interest, he enrolled in the Master of Creative Media Technology at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLab) to better understand the way the ways that interfaces can be designed to facilitate greater usability. His Master’s thesis was an evaluation of the HITLab’s Ghostman project, an inhabiting visual augmentation system that allows a therapist to deliver instruction remotely to a patient. Following the completion of his Masters, Troy joined the team at Bitlink as a Project Manager.

Education is a fundamental part of Troy’s ethos and he has worked as a sessional teacher and tutor at Murdoch University, RMIT and UTAS. He is committed to encouraging the next generation of learners by teaching technology concepts in a fun and engaging manner. His work with the Innovation Circle in an extension of this, a project that involves mentorship and teaching through the creation of digital interactive museum exhibits.