We nurture young talent.

There are few things as rewarding as sharing the breadth of our professional knowledge with the wider community. We want to bring our industry down to earth for the next generation of technologists and make getting started as easy as possible. To that end, we run a variety of seminars, workshops, and summer programs aimed at getting learners of all ages excited about what they can make and do with technology.

Our focus


What exactly is happening inside the gizmos we use every day? Nobody sees, nobody knows. But we do, and it's exciting stuff.


Ever cooked from a recipe, or built something from a guide? That's all there is to coding – telling a machine what to do, step by step.


Love thinking of cool ways to solve problems big and small? There's an art and science to discovery and invention, and we teach it.


Clever engineering is great,  but making things easy and pleasant to use is just as important. That's why we also teach design thinking.

Our process

Project-based learning

Learners, like workers, are more engaged when their work actually means something. That's why our students tackle real world problems, and get to see their efforts pay off in front of their eyes.

Genuine mentorship

Being a beginner is tough. Learning in isolation is tougher. Collaboration and community are very important to us – so our students learn directly from team members who do what they teach in their everyday work.

Our programs


Introductory electronics and programming using Arduino hardware

Our flagship program, run once a year at the Innovation Circle. Students learn broad basic electronics skills, including working with Arduino devices, doing basic Arduino programming and driving peripherals such as lights, motors and sensors.

2-3 week intensive
ages 14-18


Insert Coin

Basic game design and visual programming using Stencyl

In this workshop, we teach young people how to program a basic video game using a visual programming language. The program we use to run the workshop is freely available, so participants can install it at home and keep playing with it after the workshop.

one day workshop
ages 10-14

Level Up

Intermediate game design and programming using Unity3D

In this workshop, we delve deeper into the art of game design and use industry standard tools to build rich interactive experiences. The software we focus on is freely available, so participants can continue working after the sessions conclude if they choose to.

one day workshop
ages 14-18


Creatively engaging with local history through Minecraft.

In this workshop, we encourage kids to explore local history by recreating regional landmarks in Minecraft. Students are encouraged to collaborate and express their own interpretations of the past, present, and future of their community.

one day workshop
ages 6-12

Our education team

We have a mix of talent on hand for our programs. Some of us come from academic backgrounds and can point back to experience teaching at the university level, while others can at least claim impressive rapport with today's tech-minded youth. Come learn a bit more about us: