Our projects

We bring big ideas to life.

We have backgrounds in interaction design and mixed reality experiences, and we love coming up with new and interesting ways to use technology. The projects we take on put these novel fields to work in solving real, human problems.

How we choose projects

We're highly selective in the type of work we take on. When considering new projects, we evaluate them against these values:

Novel interaction

Technology isn't magic, but we can get close. We look for projects with potential to explore new and interesting ways of engaging with technology and the world around us.


We like to be excited about our work, and we believe it's worth making beautiful. Whether through stories, art, or deep design thinking, we look for opportunities to get creative.

Social good

We believe technology is here to benefit people, and innovation can do a lot to help others. We aim to do work that makes the world a better place, in addition to driving business interests.


We believe the best innovations emerge when experts from diverse fields work together. We aim to take on projects that involve collaboration with academics and researchers.