Tracktivity was a collaboration between Bitlink and the University of Tasmania. The Bitlink team worked with a number of UTAS staff to develop a gamified platform that used Fitbit data to help motivate people to live healthier, more active lives.

Tracktivity enabled people to join teams and pool their Fitbit step data, which would enable them to undertake long journeys as a group and compete with other teams in their workplace. Tracktivity used the Fitbit API to collect step data, then created some brand new functionality (at the time, Fitbit itself had no capacity to support team-based challenges). Tracktivity users could work together to undertake epic journeys (such as walking the Ghan, climbing Everest or walking to the International Space Station) and could race their colleagues and coworkers to the destination. Tracktivity also included an achievements system, chat client and a range of other features that were aimed at making exercise a more fun and social activity for people in a range of workplaces.

Tracktivity was used extensively by the University of Tasmania, first as a research tool, and later as a key part of a popular course (where students used Tracktivity during their participation in a unit focused on healthy living and active technology). Because of its use as a research tool, Tracktivity was built with research in mind and included sophisticated tools for enabling university researchers to work with cohorts of study participants and download/analyze those users’ Fitbit data across the life of the study. While it was an active project, Tracktivity had thousands of users, with their Fitbit data and data relating to their use of Tracktivity itself forming the basis of groundbreaking studies at the University of Tasmania.

If you’d like a quick overview of Tracktivity, you can watch the video below, which was prepared as an introduction to the platform for participants in the University of Tasmania’s Healthy Technology course. This video provides a quick overview of all of the main features of Tracktivity and how the product works.